A Brief History of Top of the Mountain Meats

  Posted:7 months ago

Top of the Mountain Meats

For those of you who may not know the Manning family, they started in the meat business to fulfill their son’s vision. Nathan Manning had a vision of being able to provide their community with clean food. He also wanted to run the family business in a way that would sustain the land.

“Every farmer or rancher has a story, a reason why they are doing agriculture today. In our case, our family is ranching with a value orientation about wanting to sustain and steward the land,” the Mannings explain. “We also raise animals in a natural way that keeps the land self-sustained, and sustains the animals in a healthy way.”

As buyers become more health and lifestyle conscious, being able to buy directly from farmers and ranchers is becoming more common again. Top of the Mountain Meats is special because they are raising 100% grass-fed Galloway beef. All their beef is fed grass grown on certified organic land so customers can be assured that their meat is clean and free of harmful chemicals.

Top of the Mountain Meats believes that their customers should have access to healthy, affordable meat. The family loves to hear stories from their customers and enjoys the fact that they get to provide their community with a better way to buy their meat.

The family offers customers a wide range of meats with a variety of cuts and deals available. Customers can visit them at the Crossroads Farmers' Market or arrange to pick up their order at a pickup location in Parkdale.

Check out Our Ranch to learn more about the Manning family. Visit the Contact Page for more information or to place an order.