Quarter, Side Sale and Latest

  Posted:a month ago

Dear Top of the Mountain Customers,

We appreciate our customers very much. Please see LATEST below.

We continue to offer ranch-direct Alberta beef and free-range chicken, and have recently added free-range pork, at the Crossroads Market every Fri.-Sun. 9am-5pm.


We are emailing you today about our annual quarter and side sale that will have the beef available for pick up in Calgary on Saturday Dec. 16, and to relate news to our customers. Please consider forwarding this email to any friends or family you think may be interested in the Sale or in us generally.

The beef should be high-quality this year. Unfortunately there was a drought across much of Alberta this past growing season, but there was grass in the Cypress Hills and the beef should be excellent.



Email  nathan@topofthemountainmeats.com , subject line "QUARTER, SIDE ORDER", and relate your cell # and that you would like a quarter OR side.

The beef will be available for pick up Dec. 16 from 10am-6pm at 532-34A St. NW in Calgary, just off Memorial Drive below the Foothills Hospital.


There's always a lot going on but here are some points hopefully important to our customers.

First, we are back to the vacuum-wrapped ground beef packages.

We attempted to start cutting and grinding at the Market to cut costs–but have returned to cutting at the abattoir. WE APOLOGIZE IN PARTICULAR FOR THE LEARNING CURVE RELATED TO THE GRINDING AND THE ROUGHER GRIND IN THE PAPER-WRAPPED GROUND BEEF. Back by popular demand are the vacuum-wrapped packages of ground beef ground with the finer grind.

Second, we encourage feedback on quality AND ARE INITIATING A FULL REFUND POLICY on beef customers return.

Please save your receipt and bring it to the Market for a full refund on beef you are not pleased with.

BY WAY OF EXPLANATION: Ranch-direct 100% grass-fed beef, unlike the feedlot product that comprises most beef, is not a standardized product and there are variations due to individual animals and ranching factors.

Grass-fed beef is an artisanal product and requires in-depth knowledge on the production side similar to wine. BUT IT IS OUR GOAL TO GET BETTER AND PRODUCE AN INCREASINGLY HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCT. Customers will see this in years to come.

Third, we have discontinued the website for cost reasons but are maintaining the Facebook page, Google Map listing, and feel free to call or email about absolutely anything.

Last but not least we have a new Manager of the Crossroads location GINA BROWN who many of you will recognize as she worked for us in the past.

Gina cares about healthy food and environmentally sustainable agriculture, and has an urban agriculture business herself, and we are incredibly fortunate to have her.

Nathan will be moving to BC to develop the wholesale beef side of the business but will be remain in contact with Gina and the employee at the Ranch.

We appreciate our customers very much and wish you a happy holiday season.

Top of the Mountain Meats